‘Enzo Mari: 25 Ways to Drive a Nail,’ translated into Thai language from the original Italian edition, sheds light on the story of the Italian modernist furniture designer as broken down into 16 chapters. 

Beginning with the story of his childhood, the text expands to include various selected projects that provide us with a wide perspective on the author’s design philosophy. Furthermore, the ‘Parabola’ inserts at the end of selected chapters offer some of the most interesting content, where much of the author’s emotional opinions, many of which express his sense of sarcasm, come through.15_La crisi è inarr..
In this era where the younger generation is influenced by Post-modern concepts yet tries to resist prior traditions and social standards let alone make any clear decision on anything (including in terms of aesthetics), Enzo Mari insists that we need some ‘standard’ in order to ensure that the world does not become more disordered than ever. Especially in the design industries, which are nowadays permeated with low-quality products that were actually manufactured in response to exigency from the entrepreneur’s side rather than the consumer, Enzo Mari has further insisted that, in order to generate some ‘good design,’ we have to emphasize ‘the quality of form’ and be able to make decisions regarding what is good or bad. Therefore, in order to achieve this objective, we have to work harder and be willing to create a dozen models while at the same time seeking out the authentic meaning of design rather than placing emphasis solely on marketing results.

In addition to Understanding Comics, which will be launched at the upcoming Architect’ 16 event, Enzo Mari: 25 modi per piantare un chiodo translated by Kanokwan Trakulyingcharoen will be offered as well – the newest two editions to art4d’s list of paperback publications.


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