Brings together interdisciplinary professionals to help create essential experiences by identifying critical questions, strong relationships and beautiful forms.

2005   – present

Yokohama, Japan

We believe that design is not limited to the realm of the tangible. In fact, all natural forms are a product, deeply rooted in circumstance. Design, in its most optimized and most beautiful state, exists as an intangible relationship somewhere in-between circumstance and beauty.

Describe your thought process when developing a new work.
Research, Decomposition, Finding biases, Finding concept with strong cognition, and Design. Our process is usually through this processes. 

What is your favorite thing about the city you live in?
We have just moved to the city of Yokohama, which   is the biggest port city in Japan and my home country. This city has  a good balance of history and modern culture. I really love to design while walking through this city.

How do you travel to work? 
I am fond of meeting with craftsmen on  travel. Good craftsmen always give   me pure inspirations.

What are you reading right now, or please recommend a book that you think everyone should read. 
I recommend this book: Fuller’s Earth – A day with Bucky and the Kids. This is a book of a lecture of Buckminster Fuller to elementary school kids. Bucky’s concept is usually very difficult and complicated, but this book is essential and simple enough to feel   his process of thinking.


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