Ecology of Creation revisits a theme of “artistic intersections.” It features artists whose work attempt to span and cross several realms.

Their works fuse art with agriculture, economics, design, fashion, architecture, science, engineering, and/or medical care. All seek to explore as yet uncharted directions. Process and relationships are paramount in the act of creation for the exhibition’s participating artists. In the course of making their works, they focus more on preparing an ideal environment for the work, creating good relationships with supporters and collaborators rather than the singular intent of efficiently solving a problem. At times, these underlying processes and relationships appear more important than the final works themselves.

The exhibition further introduces edition zero of Resonance Aura with 2 other kinetic works. Each instrument moves at different speeds and produces three solfeggio frequencies (194.18Hz, 741Hz, and 852Hz) to summon psychological energy. The works were created by crossing the boundaries of machine engineering, Eastern philosophy, and Western music and drew from ancient and contemporary ideas. The audience will flow through an ambiguous flicker created through the persistence of lights and a mellow stream of sound.

Citing the ecology of the natural world as parallel, the creative environment is imagined as ecosystem that sustains the act and processes of art making. Ecology of Creation is informed by this metaphor as shown by a diverse range of artistic projects.

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