APRIL 21 – JUNE 30, 2017

Provocative at first, the images of Ya stoke uncertainty in the viewer of what the image aims to convey. People in her photos are contorted and in uncomfortable positions. Strangeness intrigues her. Faces are often obscured although in mundane and ordinary settings. Nudity and loneliness make her models appear vulnerable. The Vietnamese female artist accepts her body as it is which reminds her of everything she has experienced. She focuses on each scar and bruise as not physical experience but as memory. Ya is interested in the sensitivity and vulnerability of human beings and their how easily they get hurt. It is life’s fragility that the artist tries to capture, something she strongly believes is nothing to be afraid of. She wants to capture feelings, and in the process, learn how to accept them as a part of our body. The artist also finds inspiration in her surroundings from the water readers on their lunch break that rekindle her spirit for pursuing her passion for photography. Ya always strives to surpass the limitations of shooting on film but at the same time enjoys being tied down by them.

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