AUG 11 – 20, 2017

Currently, technological advances allow us to learn, touch, and experience a lot of things each day, whether it is a personal interaction like person to person, person to object, person to information or to other things around us. “Relationships” can occur when two things begin to connect substantially or abstract. Good relationships between one another will give a positive feeling and create something new that benefits each party. Because nothing can exist on its own.

As artists, we create works through artistic elements and create relationships of lines, colors, volumes and shapes. This generates a diversity of links in the artwork reflecting our views, thoughts, emotions to the audience and society. So, nowadays, artworks are not only a reflection of individuality anymore. This exhibition is a collaboration of lecturers from the Painting Department, Hue’ College of Arts, Vietnam and the Painting Division, Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University that represents our long relationship through works of art that express each artist’s view on “relationship” in an individual style. Each work reflects the differences and the diversity that co-exist in the artworks, in the different points of view, in the concepts and in the lifestyles. Artworks are a way to connect and to create relationships that will lead to friendship.

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