From 700 submissions from the Asia Pacific regions including those from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Macau, etc., 

APIDA recently presented the Gold, Silver and Bronze awards and winners of 13 categories at the APIDA ceremony on 23 November 2017.

APIDA has been a driving force to discover and recognize interior design talents in Asia Pacific for 25 years, and has become one of the most renowned industry awards in recent years. Supported by local and international interior design masters as judges, with vigorous screening and intensive adjudication, the award is now a benchmark of achievement for many young interior designers, and is widely celebrated by top interior design brands. The gala dinner brings interior design professionals together in a celebration of the creative spirit of interior design, and serves to propel the industry forward.

Setsugekka Japanese Cuisine : Shanghai Hip-pop Architectural Decoration Design Co., Ltd. (China)

In Japanese Waka&Haiku, Setsugekka represents natural beings, as well as emotions of joy and sadness – for top space designers, the perfection of technique has already become a prerequisite; and what makes one’s work outperform others is the vision and understanding of culture that contains greatness in its simplicity. 

Kitchen Home – Amblem Cabinets Headquarters Exhibition Hall : ZW建築設計工作室 (China)

The idea of this business is a ‘cook of a life,’ where the designers had to break the impression of the kitchen space as a single form of space to create an interesting (maze) and eight separate small houses representing eight different lifestyles. The small houses’ high and low scattered openings can see the shapes of the opposite homes, while a channel developed as the small houses are connected to each other emerges as a self-luminous pattern and metaphor for the next style of arrival.

Suzhou Chapel : Neri&Hu Design and Research Office (China)

The design of the Suzhou Chapel takes its cues from vernacular architecture of the Jiangnan region of China, notable for its soft palette of textured grays and whites. Brick walls of varying heights interweave to create a choreographed landscape journey. A white box hovers above, composed of an inner layer with punctured openings and an outer layer of perforated metal.

XYL Kichijoji : TONERICO:INC. (Japan)

Selling study desks and miscellaneous goods for children made from natural Japanese cypress and cedar, this project develops the concept of “cherishing Japanese trees,” by considering what type of space makes one feel as if they want to go inside, resulting in a deep space somewhat like a tunnel.


“GINZA TSUTAYA BOOKS is a place where Japanese culture and art intersect. The designers proposed a well-honed sense of beauty, full of cultural energy and life, within the lifestyle concept of living together with art.” Aiming to create the world’s leading art bookstore, about 60,000 related books have been gathered together. The aisles are configured in a grid design that is an exact scaled-down version of the overall plan and layout of Ginza.

Unfolding Canvas: OFGA (Hong Kong) 

This project is about the designer’s attitude towards space and redirecting of the conversation from storage to lifestyle, and the planning of future resale value to living in the moment, a picturesque moment. There is a conscious shift away from a design strategy driven by compartmentalization, instead focusing on achieving a continuity of material and space, without sacrificing privacy and comfort.

Go with the scripts: Oft Interiors Ltd. (Hong Kong)

When we trace back the origin of a film, or the soul of it, it always comes to “the script.” A pile of paper can work magic on films, and the same thing goes for interior design as well. During the initial stage of designing, sketches and drafts are created on paper as well. Leveraging this to our design concept of this cinema, the team wanted to draft a script and cast it into the interior space we had. We imagined a book of scripts being thrown into the air, papers forming mesmerizing curves that open a pathway for the audience to wander into a world of films.


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