Founded in 1995, art4d is a magazine created by designers for designers. Through its 11 annual issues, art4d presents itself in contrast to the contemporary field of home and decoration titles currently available on the market. Whereas the majority of these publications are aimed at the general public, art4d serves to benefit the community of creative professionals and participants through its content, photography and commitment to presenting intelligent narratives accompanied by vivid images as standard editorial practice. art4d is for the exclusive benefit of designers, architects and artists, functioning as a venue for the exchange of ideas amongst art and design circles within Thailand – within Asia – and worldwide.


Monthly Magazine
a monthly print magazine covering art, architecture and design that has been based in Bangkok for the past 21   years.

art4d Weekly
a weekly e-newsletter focusing on architecture, design and art distributed regularly to our subscribers and community.

Website art4d.com
a web-based offshoot of art4d conceived as a real-time online component to the monthly print edition.

At the ASA Architect Expo
ARCHITECT – an annual trade show taking place in Bangkok, Thailand organized by The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage (ASA) and TTF welcomes countless visitors working within the architectural profession for its thorough presentation of the latest products and services trending in the construction and building industries. With an aim to serve as a catalyst for exchange of architecture and design knowledge and news, art4d has enjoyed the opportunity to exhibit its publications at ARCHITECT since 1995, sharing our books and magazines with all visitors through presentation within our art4d pavilion that, on its own, proves each year to catch the viewer’s eye with its striking and memorable designs.

Annual Event and Exhibition
With an aim to serve as a catalyst of design exchange, art4d has dedicated itself to creative activities for many years. Our focus on ‘the creative community’ and dedication to architecture, design and the arts has led to the development of countless pivotal activities promoting design culture both in Thailand and abroad.


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