art4d 226


JUNE 2015 



15 WAYS OF MAKING THINGS – Instead of using ‘that’s cool’ people could start saying ‘that’s craft!’ A historian once said, “Everything we know about the past depends on our present interpretation of the present.” Dr. Thitiporn Chanawangsa takes us back to see local wisdoms in more insightful ways, leading to valuable sources of guidance that enhance the potential of contemporary craft products. Included are  exclusive interviews with some of the keynote speakers of the recent Craft Trends in ASEAN 2015 event.

MULTIPLE MINDS: THE MAKING OF art4d’s SEARCH SHOP BY studiotofu – Another fun project in which studiotofu and art4d paired up to create a structure called ‘Lai Jai’ for this year’s Architect Expo.

ROUGH AND REAL – 30 years ago a family grew a small forest in their backyard. Today, those trees have grown to be a real forest and prompted the idea to build a boutique hotel aimed at sharing experiences of living in the forest amongst their shade.

LIVING IN ISAN  –  A house by SPACETIME in Udon Thani presents a living space that consists of both private and neutral zones capable of connecting its residents with the local community. Their interpretation of contemporary traditional architecture is quite impressive


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