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TO THE LIGHT – There were some amazing lighting and art festivals that took place around the city last year. art4d takes a closer look at some works from the Bangkok Illumination 2015 event, the first international lighting festival in Thailand.

FREE FLOW – Designed by RT+Q Architects, the Capers is a mixed-use residential development inspired by the lalang grass and weeds that grow wild in the area.

DIVINE INTERVENTION – Jeanne Bouchart’s sculptures are made by a wax casting process that was used widely in Europe up until the 18th century. The outcome has a very primitive look with some kind of mysterious power captured within.   

  Each year brands present new products representing the evolving trends in the market. If you’re wondering what new tile products will be popping up in 2016, here’s a round up of the trends .

A NEW “EVERYDAY”  –  Celebrating its 30th anniversary, TOTO Gallery MA presents a pivotal exhibition focused on architecture in Asia to discover the common thread amongst the daily needs of our ever-changing societies.

MEET BARCELONA –  This year’s Business of Design Week 2015 in Hong Kong welcomed for the first time a partner city and, under the theme ‘Barcelona Inspires Design,’ showcased internationally renowned personalities from the world of design and architecture with close ties to the city  .

GAMING MATTERS –  Back to the ‘cult’ lecture: Game On: The Power of the Digital Age featuring three game developers: Tetsuya Mizuguchi, Trent Kusters and Nenin Ananbanchachai brought about a Q&A session full of inspiration.





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