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SEPT 2016



GOING TO A BOOKSTORE IS NEVER OLD FASHIONED- Think Space sells books and stuff but you also get some inspiration and experience back as well.

MAKING THE EARTH REAL AGAIN – If you were impressed by Ensamble Studio’s highly experimental ‘Truffle,’ their recent project in the USA will stun you even more.

THEY SPIN AND THEY TILT LIKE A RELATIONSHIP – This house will show you how to stay balanced.

RICE DOESN’T GROW IN THE SUPERMARKET- During George Town Festival this year, you will find a rice paddy right in the urban area of Penang.

MITI RUANGKRITYA- Miti  Ruangkritya has given new definition to the idea of a ‘photographer.’ 

OPINION – POKÉMON GO-ABOUT CITIES- Khaisri Paksukcharern talks about how Pokémon GO has filled the streets with  zombie-like walkers, urbanism and economic activities created by this extremely popular online game.

PLUS – Blaze up again – Wolf Prix insists architects must keep the fire burning.


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English and Thai