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HARD TO SAY WHAT THIS IS – Please welcome the new creative space in town that brings with it the concept of ‘imperfection.’

TWO SIDES OF THE COIN  –  John Pawson’s recent renovation project is about the contradiction between contemporariness and ancient history .

GUARANTEED TO BLOW YOUR MIND ANYTIME  – The new corporate identity of  a football team designed by Farmgroup.

UNFOLDING THE ROYAL ARCHIVES  –  From now on, we will see more at Mrigadayavan Palace .

KAWITA VATANAJYANKUR  –  This young artist makes her artwork outstanding by combining  painting and semi-performance video work together.

THE MANY LIVES OF LARS MULLER – art4d  pays a visit  to the Lars Muller open house in Zurich and enjoys their latest publications. 

PLUS –  10 Years of Bangkok Design Festival. 


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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 32.5 x 25 x .75 cm



English and Thai