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Just sketch is a sketch merchandise brand that turns sketches of architecture and objects into artistic, unique and functional momentos, co-founded by Ohm Chongthanatrakol who loves sketching and Tai Sanguanpong who transforms the sketches into tangible works of art.   

Just Sketch merchandise is  mostly hand drawn, beautifully designed and printed on a variety of quality products. All come from a passion for  art and design.

Just Sketch was officially founded in October of 2015, and launched its first product in June of 2016. From then on, Just Sketch has continued to develop a wider range of products.

Just Sketch is based in Singapore. Our products are available online at www.just-sketch.com and offline, at Analogue and YIM hostels in Bangkok. Products will also soon be available at Naiise shops in Singapore.  

Just Sketch was founded by Ohm who is the main artist. Sketching architecture is a way of communication and expression allowing for one to  memorize and record our fast-changing environment. Whenever Ohm visits iconic and historical places, he will not miss a chance to sketch. Sketching helps him remember places precisely, including the atmosphere and people of that time. He is happy every time he takes a pen and starts sketching and would like to share his works with art lovers while capturing these good memories.

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