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AUG 2016



NOT JUST THE GARDENERS- It’s been a long while that landscape architects have been perceived on par with gardeners in Thailand. These 4 selected up-and-coming Thai landscape architects will reverse the myth.

INSIDE MAIIAM – The widespread presence of the mirrored mosaic wall on social media with caption naming the place a new hotspot in Chiang Mai for contemporary art is quite the hype and source of curiosity. We will take you behind that wall.

LANNA ON THE 2nd FLOOR – The Association of  Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage (Lanna) in Chiang Mai just opened their new office by the design competition winner from Bangkok. See how they deal with the local context.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION- Following research and quite a few workshops, this is how Charoenkrung is turning out after the wake-up call.

STUDIO AEROPLANE – Get to know two designers from Studio Aeroplane through conversations and works that depict interactions between humans and their surroundings. 

OPINION – BREXIT = ARTISTIC ISOLATION? – Tomorn Sookprecha talks about how Brexit will hit the art and design movement in England.

PLUS – Demark 2016: Design Driven Business


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