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art4d 245



MARCH  2017



SUPERMAN HAS [PROBABLY] LEFT THE BUILDING – The Qatar Foundation Headquarters in Doha reflects the regional OMA’s “independent voice” after Rem Koolhaas announced the ceasing of his involvement with OMA.

THIS CURVE DOESN’T COME BY CHANCE  – This outstanding residence on Crete Island is designed by Tense Architecture Network.

HAPPY TO SEE THIS KIND OF PROJECT AGAIN – Your perception of Pakaoma will change after seeing this latest collection by Lalalove.

THE STORIES OF OTHERS  –   When artists work with immigrants, the outcome is an instance of alternative aesthetics and a better understanding of other people.

THEY ARE ALSO HUMAN  – Netflix’s latest documentary series explores the ideas behind eight world-class designers’ works.

PLUS –  Now, that’s what we call architecture 2016!


Additional Information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 32.5 x 25 x .75 cm



English and Thai