art4d 250



AUGUST  2017



EVERY STEP COUNTS –   The development of an unused plot of land into a new public space in Tenri, Japan, the latest project by nendo.

BANGKOK BOYS’ OLD SCHOOL –   art4d revisits Bangkok Christian College, which was partially designed by Amos I. T. Chang.

THE LIGHTEST TOUCH  – A premiere project in France by SelgasCano, this pavilion explores the idea of “lightness” and “off-the shelf” in untried ways.

NOW WHEN DRUGS DON’T WORK  – Now we can check into the former mansion of Pablo Escobar, one of the richest drug dealers in the world.

THE GREAT GIG IN THE MUSEUM  – Following the success of pop-culture icon retrospectives from Kylie Minogue to David Bowie, V&A is now showing the Pink Floyd exhibition.

THE TEMPLE OF FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE  – Firstly exhibited in Buenos Aires in 1983, The Parthenon of Books has currently been rebuilt in Kassel as a part of documenta 14.

PLUS  –  Daylight under the moon…




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