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A JOURNEY OF DETAIL – From the brief by Rangsit University calling for an iconic building reflecting the relationship between Thailand and China, Studiomake began their design process by giving thought to the material first. The selected medium they chose to work with? Brick.

URBAN MATTER – In a time when condominiums and apartments have become very popular for people living in the city, it is unsurprising that we are seeing many buildings presenting various ideas for living vertically. art4d selected 4 recent designs of multistory buildings to highlight.

PLACE OF LIFE – Hypothesis was invited to formulate the concept, branding and deign of a new type of restaurant. Inspired by the existing industrial characteristics of the warehouse, the team strived to preserve the history of the structure and cladding while breathing new life and energy into the interior of Vivarium.

SIMPLE POEMS  –  The design of houses for twin owners whose lives are different in detail posed a challenge for the architects, creating a living space that could speak to the duo’s needs through a simple and thoughtful design vocabulary. 

REIMAGINE THE WORLD   – The Madrid-based practice SelgasCano has been selected to design this year’s Serpentine Pavilion, the 15th in the series. Their works are colorful and always created out of inexpensive materials collaged together with amazing effects. See some of their works before their presentation in Bangkok next October. 

INTO THE GROOVE  – groovisions is a design studio based in Tokyo who is active in a variety of media ranging from music, publishing, graphic and product design to fashion and web-based works. Highlights include graphics and videos for groups such as Pizzicato Five, Rip Slyme and Fantastic Plastic Machine as well as visual identities and signage for shops such as 100% Chocolate Cafe, etc. . 


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