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For the ‘What We Eat’ issue, art4d features stories of food and drinks whose selling points and market values are strengthened with the helping hands of design.

GETTING DRUNK WITHOUT DRINKING  – The look of the drink will make you even drunker.

HUNGER GAME  – This has nothing to do with charity but creativity and one’s abilities to turn leftovers into a super special luxurious meal that is then served with respect to the homeless.

WE HAVE COME A LONG, LONG WAY  – You will be surprised when we tell you what we eat nowadays.

WATCH HOW THEY COOK, THEN YOU’RE ALLOWED TO EAT  –  A significant change in direction of Dean & DeLuca by its new Thai rider with a little help from Ole Scheeren

KEVIN LIM – art4d talked to Kevin Lim from LUMP Company Limited, the team behind the design of Eat Me restaurant and the recently launched and successful Bunker.

PLUS – NEW LUXURY MILAN – As the luxury market is constantly evolving and expanding, Sansiri presents interpretations of the new trends in design. 


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