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APRIL  2017



APOSTROPHYS GROUP – Besides their impressive  portfolio, Apostrophys  Group has now expanded  their design territory  through the operation of  three subsidiaries in order  to survive in this challenging  contemporary world.

DUCKUNIT  –  Though known as the design studio behind concerts and shows, one of the most successful and notable projects of Duckunit  was definitely the opening of Mahanakhon Bangkok Rising.

B|U|G STUDIO –  When we talk about spatial design  in Thailand, of course, we can’t miss  this pioneering studio.

THE EMBASSY OF DESIGN TERRITORY  –   The definition of the studio’s role is that of a storyteller and what they are trying to do is bring about interactions and communicate compelling stories to their audiences.

KEYSTONE STUDIO  –  Working with artists, galleries and art institutions like the BACC, the position  Keystone Studio has put themselves in is that of an art handler.

VERY KIND INVENTION  –  To offer audiences a variety of experiences is considered their mission.

INTERVIEW: WUTTINUN JINSIRIWANICH  –   As an interior designer of the  Fine Arts Department, Wuttinun  Jinsiriwanich introduces us to  design practice under the Thai  bureaucratic system. He also gave  his opinion that no one or nothing  can truly own the content of an  object but the object itself.



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