APRIL 22 – MAY 22, 2017

An exhibition by a group of young artists, questioning the state of “Being the defendant of love,” Defendant of Love features works by artists Chomphupak Poonpol, Napatsakorn Nikornsaen,  Nuttinan Phukama  and Athapha Rattanaphongthara and is curated by Nutthamon Pramsumran.

Why do we have to surrender? We silently press the pain in ourselves and try to change the pain to be something acceptable which is very ironic. The social structure claims that he controls our thoughts and feelings because he loves us and wants the best for us. And here we are, always the defendant of love like the female protagonist in Thai rape-culture TV Drama. Expressing our own thoughts and feelings through art is the way to fight and voice in silence. These four female artists create and develop their art pieces by exploring the feeling of pain and oppression that is thrown to them and of course, us by the name of love.

This exhibition is supported by the Marsi Foundation

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