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MAY 6 – 31, 2017

Sexuality, as a dynamic force, can transform and be transformed in contemporary art.

Used in this way, art becomes a means through which to push questions of desire and identity. Art can be inspired by queer sexuality and the politics of feminism; Sexuality is, in fact, art and is important to the discourse on art and his history. Still, the series does include obstacles faced by artists whose work is not reflective of what was traditionally acceptable and accepted as art.

“My Fantasy World,” as Thepmetha Thepboonta (MethaGod)’s 2nd solo exhibition curated by LInzie combines all of his forms of art created over the past few years while exploring further his inner spirit world. He shows his attitude and breaks down the traditional gender division; illustrating his unique characters in a whimsical way while appreciating the aesthetics of his sexuality. He shares enjoyment of sexuality in his world of imagination while, at the same time, showing the irony in the controversial attitudes towards the different ways of sexuality in this reality.

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